Treatments and therapies


Instant gloss                                                                                                                     30 min                   32.00 BGN
/Exfoliates, removes dirt and toxins, stimulates microcirculation to keep your skin shine, improves cell breathing and stimulates cell renewal./

Instant Lifting, Tightening, Shine                                                                                  30 min                   35.00 BGN
/Recovers volume, shapes the oval, tightens and thickens the skin. Contains Botofix (relax mimic wrinkles). Relaxes the skin./

Luminous face massage                                                                                                   25 min                   30.00 BGN
/With essential oil - extremely suitable for skin exposed to stress and polluted environment. It acts anti-inflammatory, regenerates collagen and elastin./

Therapy for men                                                                                               30 min.                 32.00 BGN
/Designed and developed especially for male skin inspired by the contemporary man's lifestyle. Relax the wrinkles and reduces dark circles and puffiness of the eyes, regenerates and hydrates the skin, giving it energy and vitality./



Classical massage
                - full-body
                                                                                            50 min.                  55.00 BGN
                - partial
                                                                                                25 min.                  35.00 BGN

Anti-Cellulite Massage                                                                                     25 min.                  35.00 BGN
Relaxing massage                                                                                              50 min.                  55.00 BGN           


Japanese Sour Cherry                                                                                                      20 min                   35.00 BGN
/The Japanese sour cherry is one of the most beautiful flowering trees. It is a symbol of beauty and revival. The Japanese sour cherry removes toxins from the body, giving a relaxing strength to the body./

Chocolate                                                                                                                           20 min.                 35.00 BGN
/The chocolate massage hydrates, nourishes and smooths the skin. This is an exfoliant with firming and stimulating action./

Gold                                                                                                                                    20 min.                 35.00 BGN
/Colloidal gold achieves outstanding results in rejuvenating therapies, restores softness and freshness of the skin./



Eco massage with lavender                                                                                            45 min.                 55.00 BGN
/The soothing properties of lavender will help you get rid of stress and fatigue. Its miraculous action includes tension reduction, relaxation, and sensuality./

Aroma massage “Ancient land”                                                                                    45 min.                 55.00 BGN
/Creates a sense of inner harmony and tranquility with a fragrant composition of roses./

Aroma massage “Balance”                                                                                             45 min                   55.00 BGN
/This exclusive massage with grapefruit essential oil, characterized by deep wrap movements, will help you achieve maximum relaxation both of the mind and body./


Golden Body Therapy + Face Mask                                                                40 min.                 45.00 BGN
/A unique combination of velvet massage oil and small particles of 24-carat gold. /

Fruit body delight                                                                                                            40 min.                 45.00 BGN
/An exclusive massage with grapefruit fruit flavor, including body exfoliation./

Massage with volcanic stones                                                                                       50 min                   60.00 BGN
                                                                                                                                             25 min.                 35.00 BGN
/A massage for balancing mental and physical energy. The massage affects the peripheral nervous system and relieves the stress of the body, stimulating the hormones of happiness./

Therapy with volcanic mud                                                                                            25 min                   35.00 BGN
/Removes tension in the muscles, distracts the feeling of fatigue, warmly warms the body and relaxes it./

Therapy "Wine and Grapes"                                                                                          45 min.                 50.00 BGN
/Therapy makes the skin silky soft, moisturized and elastic. During the therapy, the aroma of wine ingests the mind and raises the mood. Since ancient times wine has been known as the elixir of life./

Chocolate therapy                                                                                                           45 min.                 50.00 BGN
/Unique therapeutic aroma of chocolate for a true choco-relaxing therapy for body and senses. The active ingredients of cocoa act toning, improve blood circulation and stimulate cellular regeneration./

Massage with honey                                                                                                       25 min                   35.00 BGN
/It purifies the body from toxins, strengthens the immune system, eliminates stress and tension./