Mineral complex Terme di Hissar

The newly discovered Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” is located in the town of Hissarya, about 42 km. from the city of Plovdiv and about 170 km. from the city of Sofia.

The complex is located about 700 meters from the center of Hissarya in one of the quietest corners of the city.

The facilities, restaurants and the Relax zone are located on an area of 14 decares.

Pleasantly landscaped with olive and palm trees, green vegetation, flower gardens and beautiful trees, this place predisposes to a pleasant holiday and offers a pleasing view!

The team of Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” will make sure you enjoy an exciting and unforgettable stay!

It is important for us to offer the necessary conditions so that each of our guests can have a wide choice of entertainment and services that will contribute to the creation of happy memories!

We work hard to provide the necessary high quality and safety to our guests.